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Any Human Being (college professors, waitresses, prisoners, nurses, fishermen, real people like you and me) keeps inside a unique personality.

If you share incognito your thoughts, feelings, experience and dreams, you could become the model of a fictional character in a movie or a book. Yes—incognito—not because you should feel like Mata Hari or "The Anonymous" but because we believe you'd be more comfortable answering personal questions if you keep your privacy.

All you have to do is sign up with just a name/nickname and email. Fill out your profile with some basic info like your gender, occupation, age and country of residence. Then you can answer as many of our questions as you wish. That's how you show your true character, give the writers a teaser of your personality and... maybe gain new insights about yourself.

When writers find your profile and answers compatible with their characters, they can interview you through our platform. You'll be paid $25 for a one-hour interview as a compensation for your honest and in-depth answers of their personal questions. Again, you'll chat incognito.

Help writers to develop their characters and to bring them to life using your amazing personality. And who knows, you may become the hero of the next blockbuster!

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Creative Authors (screenwriters, novelists, TV and film directors, playwrights) need to bring their fictional characters to life.

If you want your character to look alive in your work, you should know how she dresses, what's in her pockets, what's her opinion on gay marriages, what kind of breakfast her granny used to make her 30 years ago... Even if you never put so much information in your work, you still need to know everything about your hero.

Usually you get in touch with real people whose occupation, age, lifestyle fit your characters. You have to meet cops, junkies, hookers... anybody. First you seek them out, then you persuade them to meet you, maybe you spend time and money travelling for the interview. Even worse—usually people wouldn't tell just like that their deepest personal secrets face to face.

It's much easier, cheaper and safer to use Characters Live. Your characters are here! You can browse their profiles and get inspired by the answers they gave to our questions. For free.

If you need more answers from a specific person who could be the model of your character, you can appoint a private online interview. One hour of interviewing costs you $30, $25 of which are paid to your model as a compensation for their cooperation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I use Characters LIVE?

Because you're an impressive person who deserves to become the model of a fictional character and get paid for that.

Or you're a creative writer, screenwriter, playwright, film or TV director who wants to develop their characters and bring them to life.

Why should I bother signing up?

Because the Characters LIVE platform hosts a creative community which prefers concerned members rather than passive users. Besides, logged in members have access to all the restricted areas except private interviews conducted by other members.

How hard is it to create an account?

Nothing easier. You just fill a name to be addressed to in the website (not necessarily your true name), your true email (which you use for logging in) and password. Don't worry about your email. We don't sell emails. We sell babies and nuclear missiles.

How can I delete my account?

Just send us a message with your account email and the reason you want to say "goodbye" and we'll delete it along with all your activities at Characters LIVE.

What are those questions meant for?

The answers you give to the public questions help you to reveal your true personality. A writer needs to know if the characters she's about to interview are authentic, reliable and interesting. She's not going to waste her time on someone who has nothing to tell her about the character she's developing.

Ok, I'm a writer. Why do I need to answer a question before being able to view how others had answered it?

Because that's fair. If you're looking for honesty and sincerity, be honest and sincere. Besides, you could be a character as well.

How many questions should I answer?

As many as you wish. The more, the better. Remember, the more you tell about your true self, the more attractive you'd be to a writer and the chances of being interviewed will get higher. And it's not a waste of time — you can find some new insights about yourself.

Aren't those questions a little bit too personal?

Yes, that's the point — the fictional characters should think, breathe and live as real people. You shouldn't worry about that as you're incognito here and nobody will be aware of your identity.

I've got a specific question concerning characters developing which I'd like to offer to Characters LIVE members. Is that possible?

Yes, please contact us and if we find your question suitable, interesting and not a duplicate of an existing one, we'll add it to our list and will let you know.

Can I create a fake character and give plausible answers as if it's a real one?

The point is that you show your true self. Unless you're a genius of empathy, we doubt that you can fake a character that looks real. Short answer: no!

What are those interviews?

If a writer finds you appealing and suitable to base her character on you, she can invite you to a private interview. She will briefly present her story, her character and the sort of questions she's going to ask you. Both of you agree on a date and time when you've got one free hour.

The writer deposits the specified amount of money. She asks questions and you answer via Characters LIVE's online chat system. The text of the chat is recorded for further use of the writer. When the hour's over, your session closes and you receive the money.

How personal can be the interview?

Very personal. The writer wants to know everything about his character. Including sexuality, childhood traumas, criminal activities, etc. Don't worry, the interviewer has no way of discovering your identity. Anyway, if the interviewer starts to abuse, harass, stalk, threaten or otherwise violate your rights, at any time you can cancel the interview and report him. There will be clear rules which should be followed by both parties.

As a writer, how can I be sure that I'll get what I want from the interview I'm paying for?

First, you select and filter the persons you want to interview by their answers of the Character LIVE's public questions. Then, if the interviewed person doesn't cooperate or otherwise breaks the rules, you can report him. A moderator will review the log of your interview and if he agrees with you, you will be refunded.

How private are the private interviews?

Each interview is between two persons only — the "writer" and the "character". The only exception is if a dispute occurs between the two parties. In such case a Characters LIVE moderator will have access to the interview in order to assist in solving the dispute.

How much is one hour of interview worth?

The writer pays $30. The character receives $25. The rest goes to payment processing fees and Characters LIVE service fee. Those prices are subject of change if needed in the future.

When will the Interviews system start working?

Characters LIVE is the first character development network. But we're new. We need more members first before activating the Interviews feature. Feel free to invite people in.

Are my payments secured?

Sure, we use trusted third party payment system such as PayPal. We don't collect credit/debit card information. More questions and answers about payment are coming soon...

What are "Like" and "Dislike" buttons for?

That's a democratic way of rating up interesting and in depth answers and rating down boring (also spam, gibberish or abusive) ones. Although a moderator keeps an eye on the public answers, the first filter comes from the Characters LIVE members.

Sometimes the most interesting answers are the most contrasted ones. That's why we keep "Likes" and "Dislikes" as separate items.

Following? What does that mean?

If you find a character intriguing, you may follow them and thus keep track on their activity at Characters LIVE. You can also follow a question which means any time it's been answered, you'll get a notification.

How do you solve disputes between persons involved in interviews?

If a dispute occurs because of the website's rules violation, a Characters LIVE moderator will intervene and assist in solving the dispute. A real person, not a software. The one that violated the rules will have his rating degraded or even get banned from Characters LIVE.

How can I be banned from Characters LIVE?

Easy. Just start systematically to spam, to write nonsense answers, to abuse, harass or stalk others.

Can I ask a question which I can't find here?

Sure. Just contact us.

What's the date?

Saturday 20th of January 2018


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